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Live Rosin


WTF Premium Shatter - Crystal-Clear Purity and Potent Cannabis Concentrate

The entire rosin process is centered around preserving the natural cannabinoids and terpene profile of the original plant resulting in solvent-less concentrates that have unparalleled aroma, purity and taste.

Live Resin


WTF THC Distillate - High-Purity Cannabis Oil for Versatile Use

Live resin concentrates have become a favorite among dabbers and vapers. The extraction process aims to capture the essence of cannabis by only utilizing single source plant material shortly after harvest.

Recommended Specialty Item


WTF Blunts begin with premium flower sourced locally from G4, Grow Sciences and The Vault. The flower is then broken up and each blunt is skillfully hand-packed into hand-crafted tobacco-free/nicotine-free Blunt Paper.

WTF Blunt
Diamond-infused 1g cannabis preroll, sparkling with potency and purity
Recommended Specialty Item

Diamond Infused

Diamond Infused buds in 1g/0.5g: Pure THC oil and Kief bliss

Solvent Free

Distillate Vape Cartridges

Available in 1 gram and .5 gram cartridges. Strain specific cartridges in delicious rich terpene flavors. Meticulously and generously hand filled, these no leak cartridges deliver consistent quality and flavor with each hit.

WTF Vape Cartridge: Sleek Design Meets Potent, Pure Cannabis Oil
WTF Cannabis Oil Syringe: Precision Dosing with Pure, Potent Extract
Solvent Free

Distillate Syringe Strains

Distillate is typically sold in a syringe and dosed via a plunger. It’s pre-activated, meaning it’s decarboxylated and can be taken orally, topically or inhaled.



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