Solvent Free

Live Resin Badder

WTF Live Resin Badder is whipped to perfection. The consistency exists somewhere between wax and sauce and when smoked a potent, smooth, flavorful dab experience is forged.

Batter wax is more viscous than most waxes, which makes it gooey and can almost be stirred. This is because Batter is made at a higher temperature and is whipped like cake batter during the extraction process which is what gives its unique texture and consistency.

Live resin concentrates have become a favorite among dabbers and vapers. The extraction process aims to capture the essence of cannabis flowers by only utilizing single source plant material shortly after harvest. We also use a 3-stage filtration process which helps to preserve the cannabinoid profile along with the plant’s complex terpene profile to ensure an authentic cannabis flavor. All of our live resin products are completely uncut. No additives, no distillate.



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