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Discover WTF Extracts: The Pinnacle of Cannabis Craftsmanship

Welcome to World’s THC Factory (WTF), your go-to source for premium, chemical-free THC products and artisan cannabis extractions. We specialize in solvent-less and solvent-free concentrates, including THC diamonds, pure cannabis waxes, artisanal sugars, and high-quality badders. Crafted by our expert extraction artists, each product is meticulously made from the freshest cannabis to ensure exceptional quality. Explore our range of solvent-free products and experience the highest standards in cannabis craftsmanship with WTF Extracts.

W.T.F. Extracts

Product Lineup

A close-up image of a syringe filled with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) by WTF Extracts, displayed against a blurred background highlighting the product's rich, amber color.

RSO/Full Spectrum Oil

Our syringes, filled with either high-THC Distillate or versatile RSO, are perfect for precise dosing and a multitude of uses, from infusing edibles to direct oral application.

Moon rocks in a transparent container on a dark background.


Indulge in the Cosmos, a skillful blend of 0.6g flower, 0.3g sift, and 0.1g concentrate. Each pre-roll is a masterpiece, delivering a rich and layered smoking experience that elevates every session.

WTF Premium Shatter - Crystal-Clear Purity and Potent Cannabis Concentrate


Produced from dry-cured flower, available in diverse forms such as Applesauce and Diamonds, delivering robust flavors

WTF Live Rosin Badder - Ultra-Pure, Full-Flavored Cannabis Concentrate

Live Rosin

Dive into the fresh-frozen terpenes of our Live Resin. Choose from textures like Crumble and Sugar to experience the height of flavor and potency directly from our ice-filled extraction process.

WTF Live Rosin Badder - Ultra-Pure, Full-Flavored Cannabis Concentrate

Live Resin

Our Live Rosin is produced from top-quality bubble hash pressed into exquisite Badder. It’s crafted for connoisseurs seeking the ultimate potency and a pristine, solvent-free experience.

Comprehensive Distillate Charts - 1g and .5g Cannabis Oil Cartridges with Rich Terpene Profiles

Distillate Cartridges

Experience high purity and potent effects with our Distillate Cartridges. Each cartridge contains distillate with a 90% or higher THC concentration, available in a variety of strain-specific options for a tailored vaping experience.

WTF Vape Cartridge: Sleek Design Meets Potent, Pure Cannabis Oil

Vape Cartridges

Our precision-filled 510-Thread Cartridges deliver a seamless vape experience with a 90% THC potency. Available in a diverse array of strain-specific options, these cartridges cater to all preferences, ensuring a robust and flavorful session.

WTF Cannabis Oil Syringe: Precision Dosing with Pure, Potent Extract

Distillate Syringe

Our Distillate Syringes are perfect for precise dosing and versatile use, featuring a high-THC content of 90% or higher. Ideal for infusions or direct application, they offer flexibility and efficiency in every drop.

Packaging of WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Diamond Infused 5 Pack

Discover the balanced harmony of WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Hybrid Pre-Rolls. Ideal for those who desire a blend of uplifting energy and calming relaxation, these pre-rolls deliver a perfectly smooth experience for any time of day.

Container of WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Sativa Pre-Rolls

Diamond Infused
5 pack

Energize your daily adventures with WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Sativa Pre-Rolls. These pre-rolls offer a burst of energy and creativity, making them perfect for enhancing your mood and boosting productivity during daytime activities.

Jar of WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Indica Pre-Rolls.

Diamond Infused
5 pack

Relax deeply with WTF Extracts Diamond Infused Indica Pre-Rolls. Specially crafted for ultimate relaxation and tranquility, these pre-rolls are your best companion for unwinding after a long day, promoting deep, restful sleep

WTF Extracts Premium Cannabis Blunts in Packaging

Single Premium Hand packed Blunt

Our Single Premium Blunt is expertly rolled with top-grade microbuds in a tobacco-free hemp cone, designed for an unparalleled smoking experience. Ideal for those seeking a quick, effective, and discreet way to enjoy cannabis, this blunt offers a smooth, consistent burn with rich, full-bodied flavors. It’s perfect for on-the-go indulgence or a serene, solo session.

WTF Extracts Cannabis Blunt 3-Pack

Trio Pack of Premium Hand packed Blunts

The Trio Pack of Premium Hand packed Blunts provides a generous supply of our finest cannabis, each blunt rolled to perfection in tobacco-free hemp cones. These blunts are crafted for sharing, offering a communal smoking experience without sacrificing quality. Each pack contains three individually wrapped blunts, ensuring freshness and ease of transport. Whether it’s for a party or a personal stockpile, this trio delivers satisfaction and quality with every puff.



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