W.T.F. Extracts

THC Factory

World’s THC Factory (WTF) has a full line of Solvent-less and Solvent-free products: Oils, Waxes, Diamonds, Sugars and Badders. WTF & Our Team of Extraction Artist carefully handle the freshest cannabis product to yield great results.

WTF Extracts

Product Line Up

Rosin and Resin


We Press To Impress.

Live Rosin Concentrates​

Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular formats. And for good reason – they are super potent, super tasty, and super fun to consume.

Live Resin Concentrates

Distillate is a runny, translucent oil devoid of the waxes or undesirable compounds from the original plant. Distillate is desirable due to its potency and versatility.

Specialty Items

Cosmos & Blunts

Taking THC to the next level.

WTF Cosmos


A little bit goes a long way. Great for those who want a high dose of THC.

WTF Blunt


Big enough to share. Anyone can smoke like a cannabis connoisseur for the cost of a gram.