What is Live hash rosin

A true OG wash method of trichome separation using ice, water and little agitation with a twist. The difference between live hash rosin and hash rosin is the 48hr flash freeze. This process captures and encapsulates the freshest trichomes and terpenes available to date. We’ve worked hard to perfect the process, so that we can produce the most organic medicine on the market.

Unlike other concentrates, live rosin is solventless. It is extracted from fresh frozen flower that has never been cured or dried, freezing terpenes for more flavorful concentrates.

Extraction of Solvent-free oils, waxes, diamonds, sugars and badders amongst others is an art. Our WTF extractors carefully handle the freshest product to yield great results.


World's THC Factory has a full line of Solvent-free concentrates for you.

We extract from the finest flower in the market!